Thursday, August 23, 2012

Down Under Doll Quilt Swap 3

Have you made a mini quilt?  I haven't yet so I decided to sign up for the latest round of the Down Under Doll Quilt swap on Flickr.  I put together this inspiration mosaic for my partner.

1. , 2. Sewing Circle Pillow, 3., 4. wildflower garden quilt: block #2, 5. Spring 2012 Market Brochure_1, 6. DS Quilts Mini, 7. Quilt top finished... now on to the back!, 8. good folks value quilt, 9. FBLiQS, 10. layout - almost all the blocks together,, 12. friends! :D, 13. Butterflies - done, 14. Granny Square Quilt top, 15. New bag!, 16. Cherry Creamsicle, 17. PTS7 in progress!, 18. such a star., 19.DSC_0906, 20. Equalizer Quilt - Habitat Challenge

The partner I've been assigned has different colour taste to me, so I always find that challenging (especially as I don't have a lot of lovely fabric in her colours). Maybe because I don't have the right fabric, I'm finding it really hard to find inspiration and settle on a design. I've got a little time up my sleeve, they don't need to be posted until early October.

Have you ever put your hand up for something and then struggled to execute?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Habitat Bowtie Quilt Top Finished

I calculated that it's only taken nine months to assemble this quilt top! I initially did all the cutting and assembled half the blocks in the space of a couple of weeks then it got put aside until a couple of months ago. I've been working on it in dribs and drabs. The rows have been assembled for a few weeks and it only took me a couple of hours yesterday to sew them together.

In regards to the size issue blogged here, I decided to leave off two rows and use them on the back instead. This brings it to a more manageable lap quilt size at 70" square.

I'll be bringing it along for Sew and Tell at tomorrow's GWSMQG meeting.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Greater Western Sydney Modern Quilt Guild

Have you heard the news? A new chapter of the Modern Quilt Guild is starting up in Sydney.  It's the Greater Western Sydney Modern Quilt Guild.  I'm really excited because I've been longing for some like-minded people to hang out with on a regular basis.  The idea behind the GWSMQG is to have two meet ups per month - one Monday night for general meeting and catch up stuff, show and tell etc AND a Sunday sew-in day.  Sometimes I would really like to go and sew somewhere else to get away from the constant interruptions.  Plus it's nice to be able to share what you're doing and get input from others and learn a few tips along the way (like the right way use a rotary cutter - when I first started I had been cutting towards my body instead of away! D'oh!! But you don't know these things unless someone shows you!). 

The other thing that I'm really excited to share is that I have teamed up with Amy & Sheridan to help out with the running of this guild.   So the aim of the GWSMQG is to meet geographically central in Sydney.  The first Monday meet up has been organised at Dooley's in Silverwater (Newington) on Monday, 20 August 7-9pm.  It's an easy to get to location and we could even help you arrange car pooling with someone if you need a lift.   If you are local to Sydney (or can get to Sydney) we would love to see you at our first meeting or a Sunday sew-in (details of the sew-in to be advised when we have our venue confirmed).

Check out the GWSMQG blog for more information and/or join the Facebook group to keep up to date with the guild's happenings.  If you don't do Facebook then sign up to be updated via the blog.

Other local MQGs - the Sydney Modern Quilt Guild came out of hibernation this week and has announced some meeting dates, check out their blog for details.  If you live in the Illawarra the Wollongong Modern Quilt Guild meets on a regular basis, details on their blog too.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Care do.Good Stitches - Feb WIP

I love it when a project starts to come together. This quilt is in memory of a green loving friend.

I'm changing tack from yesterday and am introducing the Heath in lilac as a narrow border around the stars, followed by a white border and then the Heath chartreuse binding (if I can get my hands on more). The pale aqua fabric on the right is going to be the last pair of stars.

I'm excited that this is finally getting somewhere. I'll be glad to have this finished as it has been hanging over me for a few months and I was having trouble finding inspiration. Nothing like being re-inspired!