Monday, April 23, 2012

I need your vote!

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I just saw over on Sew Mama Sew that I've made the top 10 finalists out of 200 entries!  Woo hoo!!  Now I need your vote, there are some pretty popular bloggers there so competition is going to be fierce especially if they have all their followers voting for them.  I hope I get votes because people actually like my bundle.  I am feeling unusually competitive right now!! :-)

If you have a moment would you mind heading over to SMS and voting for me, if you think I deserve it?

Here's a background on the competition.


  1. Done! With no problems with integrity, I liked yours the best!

  2. Love your bundle! I was happy to vote for you - congrats on reaching the final and good luck :)

  3. Oh it was the first thing I did this morning!! Lovely selection x

  4. Hi d - my mum and dad both voted for you too !!

  5. Done.. I loved yours! Good Work xx

  6. I would have voted for yours anyway, Dolores.


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