Monday, February 14, 2011

Central Park Baby Quilt

Here's my first finished quilt.  It's a gift for my new great-nephew Elijah who is already 9 days old, finished in record time (6 days).  Thanks to Oh Fransson for her great sandwiching and binding tutorials.

I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, the only thing I am disappointed with is how thin it is.  I used Sew Easy Bamboo Batting because it was so soft and I liked that it was all natural, hypallergenic etc.  Anyway, maybe 100% cotton would be better or a blend of cotton/wool?  I just would've liked it to be a little lofiter.  Since I'm a newbie, I would really appreciate any feedback/recommendations regarding batting or using bamboo.  Anyway, it will make a great nappy bag playmat because it folds down compactly. 

I added a chevron to the back using a tutorial from A Quilt is Nice.  I didn't have a fun fabric for the backing and I wanted to create some interest to the boring all white homespun.  Originally I was going to make two chevrons one under the other, but after making the first I realised it was larger than I expected so I ditched the second one.  Also, it took a whole evening to cut and piece all the HST's so I was glad to save some time.

I hand embroidered a little label which was quite time consuming.  Again, an afternoon/evening just to sew the label.  I hadn't embroidered since high school and it didn't take long for me to pick it up again.  (Dor is a family nickname since my middle name is Doreen).

PS  Apologies for the dark photos.  It's a grey, dreary day today, I'll try to get some better photos posted once the sun is out again.


  1. Love it Dor! So great to see it finished up and bounnd! Maybe you have found your 'thing'!!!

  2. That is a great first result..and not just cos it is your have done really well! Lovely fabric too.

  3. Thanks for the nice comments. I'm hoping to start the second quilt as soon as the rest of the fabric arrives.

  4. Caroline Ammerlaan02 March, 2011 20:19

    Love your work Del, I think its awesome and what a lovely birth gift.


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