Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fun boy trousers

Dodgy iPhone photo
Mr 5 has taken a bit of interest in sewing lately.  In the last school holidays he helped me make this Babushka Superhero, and then a couple of weeks ago he announced that he wanted to make pants (trousers for my UK readers).  Trawling through my stash I didn't really have any boy fabric large enough so I headed to the local Spotty and bought some wide wale corduroy for both boys ($9.99m).  I also picked up the robot poplin since it was a great match for the pale grey cord.

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Making clothes for my children has been on my to-do-list so it was great to get the nudge to finally give it a go. Also, I happened across this tutorial about a week earlier so I was fairly confident.  It wasn't until I was actually cutting the cord for the first pair of pants that I had a bad thought - I forgot to prewash!  It's the one thing I love about quilting, one less step to worry about but I knew that there would be some shrinkage.  Unfortunately, I didn't take into account the cord would shrink quite a bit so the applique knee patches have gone all wrinkly, not to mention that the 2" hem had to be let down completely (I ended up turning it up 3/8" and zig zagging the hem in place).  At least they fit in length and they're fine for a 5yr old to kick around in.  

Lesson learnt, I made sure I prewashed my cord for the second pair for Mr 4.  These ones came out pretty well.  I don't have an interlocker so I had to make do with zig zagged seams.  I'll have a go at French seams one of these days as the unprofessional seams bother me a bit (but not enough to want to buy an overlocker).

BTW Mr 5 supervised the cutting process and then went on a hike with his Dad and came back to finished pants.  That's OK, I'm still nervous letting him sew on the machine since he keeps dragging the fabric instead of just steadying it.


  1. Well done! They look excellent. My kids don't get to use a machine until they turn 8. Until then it's handstitching all the way! I love sewing kids clothes. They are so achievable! I used to sew almost everything my kids wore, until the quilting bug bit so hard. I do have an overlocker, but don't use it to finish off woven seams. Depending on the fabric (how much it frays) I just pink the seam edges. Very quick, easy and effective. And I think it looks good too. I always use the pinking shears on cord.


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