Sunday, April 8, 2012

Garden Party - free PDF pattern

Jennifer from Sewhooked has organised an awesome blog hop for the month of April.  Each day a new blogger is sharing a free paper pieced pattern within the theme of Garden Party.  Plus, there's giveaways!!! You really should check it out, especially those of you interested in practicing your paper piecing and Jennifer has some great tutorials as well.

Today it's ME!! My perception of a Garden Party is very English and of course those Brit's certainly love their Pimm's (and cucumber sandwiches).  If you've never heard of Pimm's you really should check out the website, it is a fabulous British retro inspired site and it even shows Brits picnicking with their Pimm's!

My block is fairly simple in design (you know, it's my first pattern).  The only tricky part is the handle and I've broken that down into the least number of pieces to make it as easy as possible.  My biggest tip for paper piecing is to make sure your fabric scraps are bigger than you think they need to be, it does make life easier if you have excess you can trim down after you have sewn.

Pimm's Garden Party PDF.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out the other bloggers in the hop.


  1. Lovely pattern! So impressed that it's your first, yet you did so well. Gotta head over to the Pimm's site to see what it is. Thanks for the pattern!

  2. Thanks for the pattern. You did splendidly for a first.

  3. Pimms O'clock!! This is so cool!! Perfect fabric choices. It's making me thirsty!

  4. Hi - great to see another quilter from Sydney (i'm in Willoughby) on the blog hop - in our house it would be beer o'clock. Didn't have enough time to join this one - seem to be chasing my tail of late. Well done on completing your first design - be careful though it becomes very addictive - I think sometimes I am more addicted to the designing and never seem to get time for the sewing.
    misha29 (Michelle)

  5. What a cute pattern! Thanks for sharing!

  6. fabulous pattern d - congratulations :)

  7. It`s adorable pattern !! Thank you for share it with us ...


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