Monday, April 16, 2012

Liebster Award(s)

I have been quite remiss to tell you that I was awarded a Liebster Award by the lovely Sue at My Quilting Addiction.  I was waiting for the right time to write this thank you post but it never came... and then just the other day Deanna from Little D & Me awarded me another one!  Two Liebsters!!  Gee, thanks so much ladies.

If you haven't heard of this award it's basically a lovely gesture to bloggers of less than 200 followers.  I'm supposed to choose 3 blogs (I suppose that means 6) within those guidelines to award a Liebster to and display the Liebster Award button on the blog.  I'm not sure where this originated, it feels a bit like chain mail but to be honest it felt really nice to receive these awards and hearing the nice things Deanna & Sue had to say about my little blog.

And now the Logie Liebster goes to:
  1. Blog, Luke Haynes is seriously talented, you need to check out his work!
  2. Listen to the Birds Sing, Karen has some lovely Irish backdrops for her quilty goodies
  3. Home, Melanie write a "what's new" type of blog & sewing, lots of inspiration!
  4. Daisy & Jack, Leanne has a quilting blog with cute dogs in rural Australia
  5. Life at Rosemary Hill, Kris is the mother of 8 and shares family life in amongst her quilting
  6. Kitchen Table Quilting, Erica's quilting, sewing blog is full of eye candy, Erica's taste in fabrics and colour combinations is quite similar to my own.

Guys, I enjoy reading your blogs and being inspired!  (Karen, Kris and Leanne are in my circle for do.Good Stitches.  Reading their blogs makes being part of a bee that much more intimate, I have loved every moment of getting to know them and being part of this bee.)

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