Saturday, February 4, 2012

FQ8 Paper Piecing Sew Along Details

A huge thanks to everyone who made a mention of this little SAL on their blog.  I've made a button without even asking inhouse IT for help I had to ask for some help with the code in the end. You might want to add it to your blog (grab the code from my sidebar).  

FQ8 Paper Piecing Sew Along

I've even set up a Flickr group, FQ8 Paper Piecing Sew Along.  Don't worry, if you don't have a Flickr account, I'll set up a linky party at the end of each month and everyone can add their links to that.

So the nitty gritty about the group. This is not a "how-to group" with tutorials. You will need to have your own copy of Fat Quarterly Issue 8 (it's a download so you get to have it straight away!). The group is a place for us to support each other through the process of making the projects. There are about a dozen projects to choose from, you may even wish to concentrate on one particular technique like foundation piecing or freezer paper piecing or English paper piecing or have a go at all three. You may be planning to make every project or just concentrate on one or two, it doesn't matter, everyone is welcome.  

Take in the eye candy of some of the projects you'll find in the ezine:

1. Skating on Frog Pond, Fat Quarterly Issue 8, 2. Quilter's Clock, 3. Apple Pie Pillow, 4. Geared Up Robot

1. Braided Kaleidoscope for Fat Quarterly, 2. My potholder pattern in the current issue of Fat Quarterly! #sewing #quilting #kitchen, 3. Summer Trees Pillow, 4. Teapot Fancy Cozy

1. Spring Clean Quilt, 2. Elixir Bottle, 3. Star Flower, 4. Fat Quarterly Issue 8 - This is so cool being part of it

So don't forget to put a button on your blog and sign up to the Flickr group!


  1. Hey D - good luck with this sew along - can't wait to see your projects - I've got a few too many things on at the moment otherwise I'd be joining in too :)

  2. done, bought, joined, signed up .... I wish they had more English paper piecign projects ... but I guess hand sewing is not that popular, and you can do all of the other ideas in the time you finish the one hand sewing thing.

  3. What a cute button! Looks like a great time. You all have fun!

  4. You Fat Quarterly kids just don't stop do you!? Last year I was hooked in by Blockapalooza (Thanks, John!), I'm just getting ready to finish up my Swoon top (Hi, Katy!) and get started on my Hoop It Up projects (we meet again, John!), and now this? You guys are killing me....and I love it!
    It just so happens that I have nearly 10 lbs of Reunion by Sweetwater on its way, and those two pillows there on the bottom are definitely a part of my plan. So, count me in. Count me overextended, but totally all in! :)


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