Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Valentines Day is not a very big deal in our household, before kids we'd go out to dinner to some fancy restaurant but now I'd just rather do something small and meaningful for each other, it's my way of rebelling against commercialism and everyone trying to cash in (has anyone else noticed that a certain large supermarket chain put away christmas decorations and replaced them promptly with easter in January!!).

I woke up to this sweet little box of chocolates by the bed this morning, apparently they'd spent the night only inches away from my head.

We had a nice dinner, Veal Marsala followed by Chocolate Mousse and a lovely bottle of Stoneleigh Pinot Noir (for the grown ups only).

Don't you love that happy glint in her eye!

Chocolate goatee

Let's make silly poses for the camera

By the time mousse's were eaten, chocolate overload had kicked in and there were some hyped up little people who were hard to get in the bath and to bed.


In other news - Danielle Wilson from My Sparkle won Project Run & Play.  How good is that?


  1. What gorgeous, happy faces!

  2. Happy Valentines day and thank you for sharing at my blog!

    Please be sure to visit my new "Learning Center" at http://quiltinggallery.com/learning-center/

  3. looks like the chocolate mousse was a bit hit !


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