Monday, February 13, 2012

Project Run & Play Finale

I'd been following and voting for Kristin from Skirt as Top in the Project Run and Play competition.  Kristin got knocked out of the competition in the last round, now they are down to just three designers sewing their Signature Look.  It sounds like there has been so much time and effort involved in this competition, it's amazing what they have been coming up with every week.

In the Details by Danielle Wilson
This week is the Finale and there are three very different submissions.  My favourite, without a doubt, is by Danielle Wilson of My Sparkle (I've never met Danielle before, I've never even read her blog before today but I'm so excited to find it and her creations).  I think this outfit is sophisticated and girly - definitely something I would buy in a shop, the embroidery detail on the jacket is just beautiful!

You should so totally go to PR&P and see what these women have been making, it's truly inspirational (and don't forget to vote for your favourite voting now closed!).


  1. You are a darling!! Thanks for your support!!

    (and for the record, I was pulling for Kristin too. I think she was out too soon and is so so good! I loved everything she made)

  2. Oh I'm blushing, you guys! Thank you both so much. And thanks for your votes and support along the way, Dolores! :)

  3. I would totally buy that outfit for my daughter. It's sooooo cute.


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