Thursday, February 9, 2012

Scallop Bunting

I've been on Curves Camp this week.  Here's my first project made today, bunting for Scarlett's room.

She'll be two in June and this is the first thing I've made for her room, besides the Babushka doll for her birthday last year.  I've had yardage of It's a Hoot waiting to make a quilt, I'm feeling slack and guilty that it's taken me so long to start decorating her room nicely.

The bunting was easy and fun to make.  I decided to make mine longer than the pattern since this window is 3 metres wide.

I used pre-made bias binding - A Day in the Country from The Remnant Warehouse.  The fabrics are It's a Hoot and DS Quilts.

I had a hard time getting the lighting right (I had to deal with either backlit glare or flash).  Not sure how I could've gotten better photos with the curtain open?


  1. Glad this project helped you get started on the decorating =). And, yes, photographing bunting is SO hard. SO, SO hard. It's not just you! Although I usually hang it by a window, I found I had to hang it elsewhere to get a good picture.

  2. I love the It's A Hoot fabric for this - that bird is just too cute!

  3. So cute. I like the pairing of fabrics-- I have some It's a Hoot too and can't bear to use it....yet. :)


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