Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Priority Me

I'm not sure why this post has been so hard to write. I find the longer the absence from the blog the harder is to get my blog-voice back. Anyway, I've thought about checking in here and letting you know about what I've been doing. No, there has not been any sewing except for a Santa Sack on Xmas Eve.

This is what I've been working on:

2012 was always going to be the year of "Me". Finding ways to make myself more of a priority - getting my hair cut more than every 6 months, getting my legs waxed more frequently, taking care of my skin, getting pedicures and most importantly (and the most difficult) losing the baby weight.

So for the last 20 weeks I've been on Michelle Bridge's team doing the 12WBT (12 Week Body Transformation). Clearly my body is a long term project - 12 weeks just ain't enough!! :-) I had considered joining Weight Watchers earlier in the year but didn't want to attend meetings, the online program seemed expensive without any support and there wasn't anywhere convenient for the one-on-one consultation. So for most of 2012, whilst it was on my mind I didn't do anything about getting healthier.

After seeing 12WBT was Liked a few times by friends on Facebook I finally checked out their website and signed up within 24hrs.  For $200 you get a Nutrition Plan, Exercise Plan, Shopping List, Recipe Index, Motivational & Workout Videos, Forums and more. Everyone signs up and starts each round at the same time and finishes at the same time.  I have been so blessed because I found a Facebook group of women (and a couple of men) within my area which has been a huge place of inspiration and support. Without the FB group I would've been less motivated, the 12WBT forums were not cutting it for me.  Every week people organise bootcamps, runs & walks, gym sessions, yoga, etc. This weekend I've organised a group of us to go to Rollerfit (I was a roller skating whizz as a girl).

Feb 2012

So I'm on Wk 8 of Round 4, it has been much more difficult to achieve weight loss over Xmas but at least I have managed to lose a few kilos before Xmas and keep it in check.  I have 4 weeks left of this Round and I'm 6kg (13 pounds) away from the goal I set myself.  Overall my goal is to lose another 16kg (35 pounds) so I plan to sign up again for Round 1 2013 (starting as soon as the current round finishes).

I'm not getting any kudos for talking about 12WBT here, yes I am a raving fan! :-) The nutrition plan is really sensible - you eat carbs, protein, fruit and vegetables, pulses and legumes, nuts etc.  This was the most important thing to me - to eat well.  I don't believe carb-free or shake diets are of benefit long term. The 12WBT plan is how I always tried to eat but didn't have the guidelines for proper portions. My whole family eats what I eat, I don't have the time to cook separate meals for everyone.  My husband was so impressed with my results from Round 3 that he signed up for Round 4 with me (he only needs to lose about 10-15kg).

Dec 2012

The most amazing thing that has come from all this is that I am now a "Runner" (slow jogger). About half way through Round 3 I downloaded the free version of C25k app (Couch to 5km) and have consistently been doing the program three times a week. I can now run for 30mins non-stop (about 3kms / 1.86 miles). My goal is to get to 5km / 3.1 miles (I did a 5km run two weeks ago but had to walk for a few minutes in the middle).  My first fun run is coming up in a month - The Color Run which I'm looking forward to and about 60 people from my 12WBT Facebook group are going to be doing it too.  I joined a local gym but I'm finding it hard to make the gym a part of the routine too, I want to put some focus on strength training since increasing muscle (not body building) will increase metabolism.

So there you have it.  I do want to fit sewing back into my life too. There are too many WIPs laying around and I still don't have any nice sofa cushions!