Monday, February 28, 2011

Renovation Drool - Kitchens

You might remember my Goals for 2011 included a renovation? The only thing I have done towards that goal is some research into what I would like to have in our house.  Today I'd like to share some kitchens I came across recently:

I like the openness of this kitchen including that bifold window. I also like the blackboard.
I like the shaker-style cupboards, the crockery shelves & especially that mantle above the range.  Link via

I love everything except the floor. Link via
I love the period feel, the brick tile splashback and the space for a study nook. Link via

Our house was built in the 1920's so I would really like to keep the same vibe in the place when we renovate.


  1. Time to rip into it Dolores, Demolition is fun... Oh, and yeah I like the first one as well, nice and relaxed. The pink might be a bit bright even on a summers day, and the last one is good with it's dark wood and brick tiles.

  2. Yeah, it'll be more than demolition. We want to extend out a couple of metres plus go up to put a bedroom & ensuite. The kitchen & laundry will need to be moved and we need to find a space for stairs. Fun, Fun, Fun & $$$$$. It'll be major. I'm in the market for an architect or good draftsman first though. I had a heap of pictures I was saving to my hard drive but didn't back up so I lost them when my HD died a couple of months ago. So I'm starting over again, and have been asking Jack to see if we can send the old HD somewhere to retrieve the files off.

  3. PS I'm not a fan of the pink either

  4. I just ate a block of chocolate. family size.

  5. For what its worth I like the pink but looking at it everyday could be a bit much. I wanted our kitchen to be colourful like the kitchen in Rose Seidler house, sadly the man is a bit conservative. I really like the mantle above the stove in the pink too.

  6. Wow, I like the pictures of kitchen very much. Its so amazing. Particularly the purple one is one of my favourite.

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  7. ohhhh we have similar taste in kitchens. We are tossing up (again) whether we do the work or move. Its a big job for us ripping down walls and turning 4 rooms into a big kitchen/diner/lounge but we still don't solve our problem of no grass.

    I could look at lovely kitchens all day - especially since I'm in a 1970's wooden kitchen with carpet panels on the breakfast bar and cork flooring! oh I would make lovely things in a nice kitchen!

    thanks for stopping by my blog! I don't know if I'm sane with 4 but the best thing we have is our nanny who comes over 2 half days a week for a helping hand, to play with the twins, comes over at other times when I'm in a pinch and don't want to take everyone out! oh that and coffee, lots and lots of coffee is essential!


  8. I think i need to take some reno tips from you the pictures of kitchens & storage spaces. Here's to renovation 2011!!

  9. Houses that are just a bit bigger are going for around $300k more than our place is worth. Plus add the $70k in moving costs (legal fees, agents commission, stamp duty etc).... renovating just seems to be a cheaper option and we really want to keep our mortgage down as much as possible. Our renovation budget will be somewhere around $200k. Personally I would love nothing more than moving into a house with everything already in place but doubling the cost is not worth it.


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