Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 Goals

I'm not into Resolutions but I do have a To Do List for 2011 which includes some basic things and others that are ongoing lifestyle changes or big projects.  As I started to write my list I realised that I could chunk them into categories.  I wrote this a couple of days ago but if I think about it for too long I will never publish this post so without any further ado here they are as they stand today:

  1. Get more active
  2. Lose 10kgs
  3. Eat more calcium rich foods
  4. Make meals that include more salads and veg
  5. Get more sun to boost Vitamin D
  6. Keep sugary food for special occasions
  1. Organise filing so that it is easier to keep maintained
  2. Move Scarlett into her own room
  3. Get insulation for Scarlett's room
  4. Sell stuff we no longer need on eBay
  5. Renovate our house!!!!!
  1. Keep going to choir
  2. Do a sewing class
  3. Join a sewing group (ie the Craftroom)
  4. Finish my wrap skirt!!
  5. Make a quilt
  6. Make at least one item from my new Seams to Me book
  7. Make a few items of clothing for the kids from free or borrowed patterns 
  8. Finish Scarlett's crochet blanket and make a crochet blanket for each of the boys
  9. Give handmade gifts (ie on the go art satchels or aprons)
  10. Read a novel
     Family & Friends
    1. Maintain Mothers Group friendships
    2. Try to catch up with old friends on a regular basis
    3. Continue going to Playgroup
    4. Take the boys to swimming for at least 1-2 terms
    5. Try the boys at dancing or soccer joeys or music classes (or whatever they seem to be interested in)
    Now that I have shared this with you I hope it will keep me honest and in check.

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    1. Hi Dolores, I have a similar but shorter list, hopefully I'll stick to mine too. I hope the kids are better now, hopefully we'll get to catch up this week.


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