Wednesday, January 5, 2011

You just don't know who will be reading your blog!

So I find it kinda funny that Patty YOUNG (fabric designer) has tweeted about my recent post about her Sanctuary collection (thanks for reciprocating the free PR!).  Yes, Patty I got your name confused with Patty Smith the very famous rock legend.... Smith/Young... very easy to mix up when your life is so busy with 3 kids under 4!   I've managed to completely by-pass the whole twitter world and just that little glimpse was enough for me (psst, it's kind of like public SMS).  I just don't have the time for it all, email, blogging, facebook and surfing the net take up enough time.

Thanks for the tip on Pinterest though, it looks way fun but I should really be spending any spare time on my 2011 sewing to do list - watch this blog for some 2011 goals including sewing projects and getting people's names right in case they happen to be reading your blog.

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