Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Purge

The great "House Reorganisation Project" has been consuming all of my available time lately.  I am pleased to say that I am nearly finished with the boys' room then I'll post some photos.  It has already been a huge success in waging the war on toys. 

Right now though the most time consuming thing has been listing stuff on eBay.  It has also come with a range of emotions, whilst I will be glad to see things go, I am also a bit torn about parting with things.  Sigh!!

    For instance, I have listed this gorgeous Art Deco smokers table which I have had for about 18yrs.  It used to look fabulous next to my club armchair.  The armchair had to go a few years ago and this table has just been gathering dust and not even on display (kept away from the little people in the house).  I polished up the chrome, boy that was laborious but she's looking like a beauty again.

I have a thing for Art Deco... this one I've had for just as long and is going on eBay tonight.  Another one I am torn about selling.    I don't even know if I could find a use for them once we have renovated  and no garage/storage to put them away just in case.  Anyway, all these museum pieces are just not practical in a family home but it's tugging at my heart strings (especially when they're styled for a photoshoot).  What to do?


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