Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Un-Purge!

OKAY, so after some consultation with my husband I decided to hang on to those two tables a little while longer.  I don't know exactly where we are going to keep them but once I saw them out in the house I felt too attached to let go of them.  Moreso the smokers table as it is similar to one my parents owned in the 70's, I suppose it kind of reminds me of my Dad since he smoked for about 45yrs.  Although smoking is not a good thing it was a big part of him and all my memories of my childhood involve him getting on with stuff and having a cigarette hanging out his mouth, or lying in bed watching tellie with a fag, sending me to the corner shop to buy him a pack of Viscount or Winnie Red.... He gave up smoking in his late 50s when he found out he had angina and had to have a triple bypass.  It scared the be-Jesus out him and he just gave up, I think there were a few relapses in the early days but he did it and lived until the ripe age of 81!!

The Bookcase & Lamp seem to have created a lot of interest!

Anyway, back to the Purge - I took some gear to our local Vinnies (charity shop) last week.  I have got a couple of bundles for family, some toys to take to Mum's to update the really old, crappy toys the kids play with when they are visiting.  I also have a dozen items listed on eBay - my old motorbike gear, baby stuff, vintage stuff.... AND there's more that I just haven't had time to list yet.  It is really time consuming!  Can I just say I'm a bit anxious about what these items are going to fetch!!



  1. Ooh. Love the lamp. Is that going on eBay?

  2. Yeah, had it since Coogee. It hasn't been in use for many, many years so decided it could go. No I feel like reconsidering!! :-)


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