Sunday, June 5, 2011

DS Quilt Collection at Spotlight

I went on a shopping spree.  Part of it was with some spending money I got given to specifically go shopping at Spotlight for my birthday.  The timing was awesome because DS Quilt Collection arrived at Spotlight last week and it was on sale 20% off!  I bought up BIG (over two separate trips)!  I figured that it won't be around for long... and you know how it goes.  I went back a second time because I didn't realise that I had only bought two red prints plus I skipped over the large diamond check the first time around (but they are good gender neutral prints).

Half Metre Bundles up the Back
One Metre bundles front, last three fabrics Two Metres each
There will probably be a quilt, a bag or two and maybe even some clothing out of it.  And while I was trying to take these photos a little person and his car snuck into the shot...

Cars 2 fever has hit our house!!


  1. You did buy up big...but it looks great!

  2. these are lovely! i just went on a spree myself (collage materials)!


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