Friday, July 29, 2011

Sydney Opera House - The Ship Song Project

I planned to do this post a few days ago when a friend from my choir group emailed me the link but I've been offline for a couple of days cleaning and getting ready for a house guest who arrived yesterday (163 items in my Reader!).

Anyway, earlier in the year our choir learnt The Ship Song by Nick Cave/Tony Backhouse.  It took a few months to get it right and we performed it at The Ferncourt Fair back in May.  When we nail it it brings goosebumps and I have even had people who hear us perform it say that it also gives them goosebumps.  I think it's one of the best songs we perform and certainly one of my favourites.  Makes all the work worthwhile! 

So here is what I wanted you to see, a fabulous version of a beautiful song created by the Sydney Opera House.  It is best viewed at The Ship Song Project but if you can't be bothered going there you can click on the clip below.  See how many famous faces you can spot!

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