Sunday, December 5, 2010

Little Bonnets by Little Betty

Here's Miss Scarlett modelling her new Little Betty bonnet.  These super awesome bonnets are handmade by Little Betty and let me tell you, the quality control is pretty.... um, strict (the word I would rather use starts with an "a")!!  After playing around with a few prototypes, Little Betty came up with a pattern that sits really nicely, provides lots of shade from the sun and is completely reversible (so you get two bonnets in one).  The pattern is so good in fact, that a bonnet that is too big still sits really well!  Let's face it, you want your little ones to get good wear out of things before they outgrow them.  Miss Scarlett is a bit on the petite side so at 6mths old she is wearing the 6-12mth bonnet which has loads of room but still looks good now and will probably do her for two summers.  Little Betty bonnets are available online or for those that like to see things in the flesh, they are selling out fast at My Messy Room in Sydney.

One of my favourite time-wasters is fabric window-(online)-shopping.  I think Little Betty is doing a great job already but I couldn't resist putting together some fabric combinations I think would make great bonnets (the design possibilities are endless, I only had time to look at a few collections and some of the below combos are interchangeable with each other).  The first one and the last two are my favourites.  I also think Little Betty should consider making these bonnets for little girls not just babies/toddlers.


  1. You are too kind D :) So glad you like it. I think it brings out the blue in Miss Scarlett's eyes.

  2. Lovely! Isobel also wears her Little Betty bonnet a lot and it is AWESOME. And she looks super sweet.


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