Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My little boy is 4

4 years has gone so fast. My little boy is off to pre-school next year and only one more year to big school.  On those days that three little people give me a hard time I'm glad that I will have one less child for a couple of days a week next year, on the days when they are adorable I get a bit sad.

We had a lovely birthday party with our very special friends and some family.  This year I decided to have the party at a local park and it was a great idea.  The only downside was having to plan ahead and pack/unpack the car, but it was worth having the extra space and a playground.  For the party food I made pinwheels, two varieties - pizza & vegemite (this was an alternative to chips which are loaded with so much artificial stuff, even though I grew up eating them I just can't fathom them anymore).  I also made a zucchini slice which was cut into small pieces and some cut up watermelon.  We threw some snags on the barbie with onions and a coleslaw and some fresh mini bullet rolls from our local Vietnamese bakery. The party cake was from Homebush Cakes - a chocolate gateau slab.  For birthday at home on the day we had a Chocolate Icecream and Oreos cake from Gelatomassi (pictured above).   I'll try to post the recipes for you later in the week.

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