Sunday, April 24, 2011

A new baby boy quilt

This quilt, blogged here and here and here, has been sitting on my To Do List for a couple of months now.  I finally set aside some time over the last couple of days, I was clearly over-ambitious thinking I could actually finish it in two days!!  I have still to piece together the rows of the quilt top.  I'm giving myself another week or two to get the whole thing quilted and bound and sent off to it's new home, there's a little baby boy waiting on it.  It has morphed somewhat from what I had originally planned but I'm glad I waited because some of these fabrics are recent additions to my stash which complement the original set.  I just hope it's not too busy!


  1. Love the quilt Dolores. I think the earthy tones really balance the bright well, great work!

  2. Thanks, I'm always more critical of my own work.


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