Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sweet Sweetwater - Red Quilting Fabric to Love

I love the colour red!  But it's gotta be the right red, know what I mean?  My red has got to be cool, a blue-base not yellow-base.  Up until now I haven't been happy with the choice of red quilting fabric available. 

Images via: Kitchenaid, Dress, Lipstick, Toy Car, Shoes
Thanks to A Sewing Journal, I discovered Hometown by Sweetwater and am so excited that the lovely Sweetwater people have recognised a need for a great shade of red.  The rest of their range is stunning too, a lovely pale shade of blue and wonderful greys, the yellow pallete is handsome too if that's more your thing.  Not me, I'm definitely the blue, grey & red palette.

Hometown Red Fabrics

Hometown the whole range
I love this range.  It's sophisticated and not flowery and would be equally stunning for any gender.  There's also going to be some prints in canvas, I can see bags... especially the newspaper print.  This range is high on my WANT/MUST HAVE list

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