Thursday, June 28, 2012

Handstitched Camp

You might have noticed the Handstitched Camp button over on the sidebar. I wasn't planning on doing this course but when registrations opened I didn't want to miss out. The Handstitched Camp is part of a series of online courses on hand stitching. It is an area that I felt lacking in confidence and technique. The course is run by the talented Rachel of Stitched in Color whom I did Curves Camp with earlier in the year. I was really impressed with the way Rachel ran Curves (really thorough tutorials and online support) so I knew this was going to be money well spent (about $70). There's something about paying money that gets me really committed, I don't think I would be so disciplined with a quilt a long.

Things have been a little busy 'round these parts so I have only managed to make a start on the Modern Medallion Quilt. I had to change the centre applique from the original which was a dogwood shape to this square on point. The dogwood didn't work with my centre fabric "It's a Hoot" but I am being very restrained and using mostly fabric already in the stash. This project will be added to at each stage of the course and for me it is the main priority. There will be smaller projects along the way, and if I have the time I will do some of those too.

Here's the colorful combination of floss that I've selected for the next step which is to add embroidered half square triangles and cornerstones. The solids are going to be used in the next round of borders. I must make a move on because that tutorial is coming on Monday!

Have you ever done any online courses?



  1. I've never done an online course, so I'll be interested in how this goes. It looks like you'll have fun with all those bright coloured fabrics and threads!

  2. I did so well keeping up with the Curves Camp projects (there was that little carrot dangling in front of me of a handmade something). This time around, I knew I was going to be busy and would kick myself if I couldn't complete things on time. I opted for the premium class. I am soooo far behind. Still working on the jewels and class has officially wrapped up. Yours is looking good so far.


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