Thursday, March 17, 2011

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Here is the finished Infinity Scarf made following this tutorial. Just in time to pop into an Express Post envelope to arrive interstate tomorrow (nothing like a bit of pressure to push me along).

I under-ordered fabric (only 0.5 yard of each) so I had to reduce the length of this scarf cutting from selvedge to selvedge.  I also wanted to make this scarf narrower as my MIL is a petite lady and I didn't want the scarf to swamp her frame.  The pieces I cut were 8" x 52" (the flannel was not as wide as the voile so I had to cut that as two 26" pieces and piece them together).  Next time I would like to make the scarf longer so that it sits a bit lower.  I already have a custom order from my Mum who was staying over last night!

EDITED:  I forgot to mention that I didn't twist the scarf per the instructions in the tutorial because I didn't want the flannel to be a feature. 

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  1. your MIL looks just a little bit like a giraffe.... in the nicest possible long-necked way...


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