Thursday, March 31, 2011

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I've been under the weather this week and so have the kids.  I've had a really full agenda lately and staying up past midnight sewing has taken it's toll.  I needed to give myself a rest this week from projects and SIT (which will need a post or two to get you up to speed).  I did a mini-service on the sewing machine (ie cleaned out under the needle plate) after a slap on the wrist from a couple of friends and repaired a couple of clothing items that would've ended up going to charity.  Even though I didn't make anything I have been planning...

  • First up was a 'shopping trip' at Fabricworm.  I'm making a lion softie for Lewis so I chose the following fabrics plus the star fabric for Max's robot:

  • I pulled out the It's A Hoot charm pack I bought a couple of months ago to get some inspiration (last week I bought 4 yards of Trees in Marshmallow and Trees in Raspberry for the backing and a cot skirt).  I'm disappointed with 7 of the 44 squares because they have been cut from large prints from just random parts of the print, I would prefer to fussy cut so that you get a whole bird for example instead of just his legs or half a body... get the drift.  I saw this pillow and really like featuring the large owl panel in the centre.  I also thought using some of the other plainer patterned fabrics for sashing instead of a solid.  I found these other quilts for inspiration: 
Same wavelength with the sashing and backing, link via EatPlaySew   

Using a large scale print for sashing, link via Federlily
For more inspiration head over to...

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