Friday, March 18, 2011

Renovation Drool - Craft Room Envy

My craft room is also my kitchen and dining room and study.
Makes setting up and packing away a pain and also having craft stuff lying around the kitchen/dining room is making the place really cluttered. 

Enough was enough, I thought yesterday. 

I asked The Man for shelves above my desk to help ease the burden on our kitchen counter/breakfast bar.  This morning I am wading through the paperwork, there are bills to pay and I can't find them under all the mail, kids drawings, unread magazines, filing, scraps of interfusing, receipts...

Time to clean up!!

Oh well, one day I hope to have a craft room (maybe in 20 something years time when the kids start leaving home).

In the meantime....

I spied this oak vintage sewing caddy in my Reader which was a coincidence because Mum told me I could have hers yesterday (unfort. it's pine and 80s not oak and 50s).

Then I checked out Alissa's crafty quilting space on Apartment Therapy and was impressed with how neat and organised it was.

And that sewing machine!!!!  Imagine having that for quilting!  I better start saving my pennies.

I love that wall hanging

For more of Alissa's creative space head to Apartment Therapy.

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  1. I think everyones creative space reflects their own personality...create a little corner that reflects who you want to be..just with what you have..I'm sure it will be great!


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