Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Baby Boy Bonnet

A good friend had her second little boy on the weekend so after contemplating what gift I could make with supplies on hand it was obvious that a little bonnet would be perfect for the upcoming summer.

After auditioning a number of fabrics from my boy stash I originally chose the "Beep Bots" fabric paired with a green and blue dot instead of the denim, but I only had a fat quarter and it's supposed to be for Lewis' superhero doll on my to do list.  Since I have a fair bit of denim and beep bots and they were a great match I thought it was great to be able to reduce my stash a bit.  Luckily I also had the ribbon, and the matching threads (blue on one side & green on the other)!

The pattern is available here but if you don't sew you can also buy a boy (or girls) bonnet here.


  1. Lovely work and thanks for the plug. In my opinion, you can't go wrong with denim on little boy bonnets. They are what everyone wants. Talk soon. c


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