Friday, January 20, 2012

do.Good Stitches - January

About 6 months ago I put my name down on a application to join do.Good Stitches managed by Rachel of Stitched in Colour.  It took a while but about two months ago I got placed into the Care Circle (you might have noticed the button I put on my sidebar when I found out).  I was really excited to be involved with a bee since I have never done anything like it before.  The way this bee works is there ten of us, five Stitchers (who make 2 blocks per month) and five Quilters (who make 2 blocks per month, but twice a year they get to choose a block/quilt design, and make the quilt from all the blocks).  I was pretty bold because I put my name down to be a Quilter.  My turn is already coming up in February!

Anyway, for the January bee we had to make a red and aqua starflower block.  Here are mine, ready to post to Karen in Nthn Ireland (oh yeah, forgot to mention we are an international group).

DS Quilts & Central Park

DS Quilts & Erin Michael

So, how about telling me about your experience of quilting bees?  What advice have you got for me?

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  1. Its great to have you on board! Looking forward to your February blocks! K


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