Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Good. Hair. Day.

Since having kids my haircuts have been few and far between.  Partly due to having to organise a haircut when someone can look after the kids, partly due to money (a good hairdresser is not cheap) and partly due to said good hairdresser being very hard to get an appointment with (we go back a long, long way and he looks after me though and always finds me something when I'm desperate).  Today was one of those days, my hair had been getting longer and longer and less flattering.  I've been wearing it in a ponytail for the last few weeks - bad. hair. every. day!

Here's my new do, I'm so in love with it.  The kids love it too and the husband is stoked.  No longer looking so frumpy.  2012 is going to be about getting ME back.  Putting a priority on myself again (shhh, not to mention there's a significant birthday looming).

* I just want to wipe that smudge off the mirror right in front of my eye!!
** No you can't have my hairdresser's number - I don't want to make it any harder to get an appointment


  1. Love your new priority for 2012 and super cute haird `do`! Great selfie!

  2. Aha! Found you! Well, speaking as someone who has a ponytail, I love your new do. I find it so hard to get to the hairdressers myself that I resort to the ponytail. I think your 2012 plan is an excellent one!


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