Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mouthy Stitches Swap

Via Flickr:
I tried really hard but No.20 would just not appear in the mosaic. You can still click on the link though.

1. Quilts on a line for Corey, 2. a is for apple pencil pouch, 3. pouch for pretty {little} pouch swap, 4. Fabric pouch, 5. DSC09176, 6. KOMBI LOVE, 7. IMG_8004, 8. Ringo Pie Design Classic Quant Mini- for Lynne, 9. Equalizer Quilt - Habitat Challenge, 10. Hexagons, 11. Pretty little pouch swap finished - front, 12. pretty {little} pouch., 13. PLPS - Finally Received!!! YEAHHHH, 14. A handbag for 2012, 15. Japan Fabrics - News, 16. Grey Linen Pouch Rainy days, 17. Retro Flowers Quilt, 18. Hexagon Pouch, 19. PLPS Crosses pouch inside, 20. Orange Zip Bags

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I've joined my first Swap. We'll be making our secret partner a zipped pouch and adding a FQ worth of fabric. This swap group is already having a party over on Flickr, the Swap Mamas only wanted you to join if you agreed to be verbal on Flickr and I'm pleased to report that everyone is fulfilling that request!

Here is my inspiration mosaic to help my swap partner get an idea of what sort of pouch I would like. So far this has been fun, I can't wait to find out who my partner is so that I can start cyber-stalking them!

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  1. Hi - popping over from the Care Circle . Looking forward to getting to know you more through that and I`m also in Mouthy Stitches! Great mosaic!


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