Friday, January 13, 2012

New fabric arrival

This week has seriously flown by!  I thought I'd have heaps of time for sewing and blogging with kids at preschool, husband at work.... um, no.  I spent most of that time just getting through my Google Reader.  I honestly don't know where people have the time for it all including Pinterest (I have managed to stay away, except when it first started as I know that it will end up wasting so much of my time but everyone is talking about it, I can hear it beckoning... I know it will be a matter of time until I'm hooked).  

Here's some fabric I bought for the stash.  I really love the intense colours and these sketchy fabrics right now (the turquoise and coral are a great combination).

Sketch Bundle by Timeless Treasures

This Heirloom bundle of FQs are being auditioned for the back of my Habitat quilt.  The two outside are my favourites but I won't make a decision until the top is complete.

Joel Dewberry Heirloom

A better representation of the colours in this fabric

Fabrics purchased from Five Monkey Fabrics.

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  1. Hey Dolores - nice fabric - I was just reading the entries over at do.good care group and thought I'd visit you so I signed up as a member and then went to my blog and discovered you'd joined mine !! and had to giggle - I have heaps in my google reader too - I'm hoping now that I have a computer at home that I can get through them and keep them down - and re pinterest - resistance is useless !!!


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