Friday, March 23, 2012

Drunkards Path Conquered

Look at these gorgeous blocks!  I'm just drooling all over them because I've used my favourite Anna Maria Horner prints from Garden Party, Good Folks and Innocent Crush plus a little Echino too.

The second block (right) was much faster and easier because I remembered to starch my pieces before I sewed the curves.  I also found sewing Echino weight with regular quilting weight a tad trickier.  Anyway, they look fab, I'm so happy with them.  This project was supposed to end up being a pot holder from Curves Camp but I would rather use these blocks to make a pillow for our living room.

I'm working out whether to add two more DP blocks or mix it up a bit?  I'm going to put these blocks aside for now while I start work on the next project on the Curves list (Mod Bud).


  1. I loved the DP project! Managed to finish the mod bud today. It's just Oodalolly I am struggling with. I so wanted to do everything, but just don't think I'm going to get there!

  2. I love DPs - they are my favourite block. I love your blocks and we have the same taste as they are my favourite fabrics too!


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