Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mod Bud Journal

I have my second-last Curves Camp project to share with you today!  It's the Mod Bud Journal which is for Max's teacher who is unfortunately moving over to the school library next term while his new teacher returns from maternity leave.

Front Cover

We were quite disappointed when we were broken the news because his teacher is adorable and I just can't imagine the new teacher being able to fill her shoes.  I've been told nice things about the new/old teacher, so I'm hoping it'll work out OK.

Inside Front Cover

I have personalised this with a little raw edge applique and free-motion embroidery on the cover and the inside cover with her name "Ms Fritz".  I love that she'll have something cute and personal to show off in the staffroom.

Inside Back Cover

It was purely a co-incidence that the journal had a flower on the front, and I didn't even come up with the idea for personalisation until I was already underway with the making.  I just wish I had spaced it all out better, I tried to account for seam allowance but obviously, not well enough!

Back Cover

I showed my niece today, who is also a Kindergarten teacher and she thought it was a fantastic gift (she gets some pretty awesome stuff - perfume, gift vouchers etc).  This journal cover fits a standard A4 notebook which means once you fill up this one you can take it out and put in a new one.

Back and Front

I hosted Lewis' 4th birthday party this morning (his birthday is later in the week) .  There were about 10 boys from preschool (plus parents and a few siblings) at a local park, the weather was glorious and we almost had the park and playground to ourselves.

I feel kinda wiped out now but I'm trying to find some energy for some more sewing.  You see I have an incentive:  Rachel promised a handmade present for all the people who complete one project from each week of Curves Camp.  I've got one more project to go - the Wheel Quilt but have I got the stamina to make a quilt top by the deadline in 20hrs?  I really just want to flake out...


  1. It`s adorable and Ms.Fritz will love it. I hope you love the old/new teacher as much!

  2. Beautiful book cover - hope you have that top done already!!

    Happy Birthday to Lewis x

  3. Fabulous book cover.
    Very fantastic Idea for saving books.
    Exam Papers

  4. So pretty! Do you happen to know what make/line that black and bright floral is? Because I am craving it something awful! It's lovely!

    1. Hi Gillian

      Do you mean the navy fabric the covers the back cover? That's Amy Butler Love collection.

      The other fabrics used were Heath in Pink, AMH Innocent Crush & Good Folks, DS Quilts, Dear Stella & D Selection. The crimson spot is the only one I don't know since that was a scrap I inherited.

      Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Yes, I guess I do mean the navy! Thanks for the quick reply... I'm horribly (and happily) afraid that I'll be buying some online soon!


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