Monday, March 26, 2012

Rainbow Road Reveal

Finally, I've found the time to take photos of my finished Rainbow Road table runner.  Unfortunately it was such a lovely sunny day that even with the blinds down the photos have got a lot of glare.  I would really love a better camera, digital SLR if my fairy godmother is listening? :-)

I had to completely clear my desk/work table so that's why I needed the extra time to snap these and it wasn't until I put my iMac back and downloaded the photos that I could see that they weren't the best.

Having this runner on my work area is awesome because I get to look at all those pretty fabrics and it's protecting my antique table/desk as well.  I already scratched it last year when I was giving the sewing machine a mini-service.

My house doesn't have many homemade projects around, nearly all the things I made last year were gifted to others, except for bonnets and a couple of softies.  My priority is to make some things for us this year!

Here's a shot which shows the Ikea fabric on the back.  It really doesn't photograph very well, the colours are such a great match, charcoal, dusty mauve, pale aqua.

Binding Front

Now onto the binding.  I remember seeing a quilt last year that had a really wide binding so I wanted to replicate that because I really like the look for a table runner and also because I didn't want the binding to be thick and hurt my wrists as I type.

Binding Back

The binding strips were cut 5" wide!! After I attached it I realised the traditional mitred corners were not going to work with these wider strips.  I was tearing my hair out trying to figure out a way around it and had to rip off the binding to start again.  Luckily I worked it out because I really wanted to just get the damn thing finished! You can see that I machine stitched the binding on but this time I used a blanket stitch instead of zig-zag.  I think it came out really neat.

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  1. It looks lovely!! You have also reminded me I have some of that IKEA fabric somewhere!

  2. So nice! What a great job you have done! Yours looks huge! I have the same goal this year, to make more stuff for my home and family. I want to have a "quilty" looking house.


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