Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hometown Table Runner

Things are a bit hectic here this week.  My MIL is coming to stay for a few days on Friday so I'm on two stealth missions - 1. cleaning the house thoroughly & 2. making her a birthday present as she will be having her birthday while she is here.  I bought this Hometown charm pack just before Xmas, I was originally planning to make a Xmas present for her but then of course, Xmas was just too crazy and I didn't get to make any presents.

Back L-R: Reunion Graphite Sally's Skirt, Hometown Cross Town Stop Sign, A Day in Country solid
Front: Hometown charm pack

When we went down to Melbourne last October I snapped a couple of photos of her place to help me choose some fabrics that will co-ordinate.  I was already thinking that Hometown would be a good match but I wanted to be sure.  I really like it, I hope she does too!

MIL's abode

I'm making good progress on both the cleaning and the sewing.  I have even been de-cluttering and sold a couple of things on eBay and have bags of clothes to donate or give to family.  Sometimes I really need the motivation of a houseguest to get those boring jobs out of the way.

I'll be back later in the week with a Hometown reveal and I also promise to take the time to photograph my Rainbow Road table runner.


  1. good match with the fabrics - hope it sews up quick :)

  2. Oh it will go really nicely, good choice!


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